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Kindergarten Curriculum Year Plan

September.       “I See Me”

Math:A.F.1, S.D.P.1.1: Sorting, Classifying and Graphing 

Lang Arts:  Look At Us (Self Portraits)History K1,2: Citizenship in our Community

Science: I.E.4.d: Physical Attribute.

October-          “I See You”

Math:S.D.P.1,2:  Patterning and Numbers 0-10

Lang. Arts:  Colors All Around Us

Science:  I.E.4.a:  The 5 Senses                                History K.2,3  Jobs and Community

Other Projects:  Safety, Music, Pumpkin Study L.S. 2.

Field Trip:  Pumpkin Patch, Neighborhood Walks, Safety Visit from Police Officer

November-         “Growing in our Tribe:

Math: N.S.  “Teen” Numbers 11-20, Word Problems and Ten Block

Lang Arts:  We are a family

Science: I.E.4.a:  The 5 Senses                                             History K.2:  Now and Then

Other Projects:  Tribes-Make beads for buddies and being thankful.

Field Trip

December:          “Sharing with you, Sharing with me”

Math:N.S.1.2.3: Numbers 20-30, Word Problems and Beginning Addition

Lang Arts:  Friends Together

Science:P.S .K1:  Observe, Measure and Predict                 History K.4:  Where we are.

Other Projects:  Winter Celebrations

January:         “How Have I Grown”

Math:  Calendars & Clocks, Word Problems and Beginning Subtraction

Lang.  Arts:  Lets Count (Clocks and Calendars)

Science: P.S.1E.S.3.a.c: Earth, Wind, Land, Air, Water     History K.5:  Calendars and the passage of time.

Other Projects:  New Year, New Me, Goal Setting (How have you met/meet your goals.)


Atkinson, Shae (415) 485-2420 ex.101 Teacher
Ervin, Elaine (415) 485-2420 ex.102 Kindergarten Teacher
Hakala-S, Shayane Teacher

Mr. Taylor, Coleman School Principal, reading to incoming Kindergarten Students!


School Supplies!

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SEAL Model

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Our Focus Windows

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Our Kindergarten Team

ShayAne Hakala - Room 1 Elaine Ervin - Room 2 Shae Atkinson - Room 3
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Common Core

The Common Core standards clearly communicate what is expected of students at each grade level. Common Core is a real-world approach to learning and teaching, developed by education experts from 45 states; these K-12 learning standards go deeper into key concepts in math and English language arts. The standards require a practical, real-life application of knowledge that prepares students for success in college, work and life.

Common Core provides:
  • Consistent learning expectations for all students.
  • Clear standards that focus on understanding over memorization.
  • Emphasis on the critical topics students need to succeed after high school.
  • Faster testing results with a better, more focused online assessment system.

Our Year Continues...

February:       “Growing in the Light”

Math1.0.1, 3.1:  Measurement and Money + Review

Lang. Arts:  Sunshine and Raindrops

Science P.S. 1 Water/Matter                        History K.6:  Important People in History.

Other Projects:  Nursery Rhymes, Presidents, 100th Day of School and Valentine’s Day

March:            “Growing in all directions”

Math:  K.2 Addition Equations

Lang. Arts:  Transportation, Wheels Go Round

Science:   E.S.3.b Weather

Other Projects: Leprechaun traps, Nursery Rhyme Play, T.V. TurnOff

April:            “Growing on the Farm”

Math:  K2.0.1: Subtraction Equations

Lang. Arts:  Down on the Farm”

Science:L.S.2.a.b.c.:  Plants and gardening                          History K.6.3:  Jobs and Work

Other Projects:  Nutrition

May:              “New Growth”

Math2.0.1.2:  Geometry and Fractions

Lang. Arts:  Spring is Here!

Science:  I.E.4:  Animals and the Farm UnitHistory:  International Festival

Other Projects:  Where does Food Come from and Nutrition.

Field Trip:  Windrush Farm


End of year Wrap up/Reflection, Assessments and Kindergarten Promotion!




N.S.= Number Sense

A.F.= Algebra and Functions

M.G.=Measurement and Geometry

S.D.P.=Statistics, Data Analysis and Probability

M.R.= Mathematical Reasoning


P.S.=Physical Sciences

L.S.= Life Sciences

E.S.= Earth Sciences

I.E.=Investigation and Experimentation


Learning and Working Now and Long Ago


Language Arts Standards are ongoing.

Most every Standards spirals throughout the year.